The Big Reveal

TA DA!  Well, here he is…not much to look at at three months old.  Mom took this picture of him in the car on the way home from his breeder family in Ellensburg, WA.   Meet Monticello Irish Prince Dugan.  He weighed in at 12 pounds when our Vet checked him.  His tail is longer than mine and curls which is just fine.  Mom and Dad weren’t too sure about his tail but they realized that when he grew into it, the longer tail suits his joyous wiggly squeaky personality.

It was hard on me (and my parents) the first couple of weeks.  I thought he was OK, but I also thought he was just visiting.  It took me a while to realize he was not going anywhere.  And he had these really sharp teeth!  He jumped on me alot…he still does…and pulled my beard…he still does that too!  His favorite thing was to get under the couch and then stick his head out and snap at me…just like a turtle.  He was also pretty fast when he was small.  I thought it was pretty funny when he was about 4 months old and got to fat to get under the couch…he could actually get under it but then Mom or Dad would have to lift it up to let him run out.

He grew really fast…I guess I did too…between 3 and 6 months he put on about two pounds a week.  He really seemed to like me so I finally had to give in and decide that he was going to be my friend.  He took all my toys tho’.  Mostly we play with each other, running, wheatie boxing and tugging on toys. 

 When I was little Mom and Dad hung a bell on the door to train me to ring it when I wanted to go out.  I decided I would rather whine to go out.  Dugan on the other hand got the hang of the bell rather quickly.  We sure know when he needs to go out!  He pretty much charges at the bell.So now you’ve met my little brother. Woof!