Gotcha Molly

Mom was out of town on my Gotcha Day and when she came back she was really busy so I’m just now getting around to dictating about my Gotcha Day which was August… Continue reading

She had scissors in her hand again

Yep…Dugan and I got groomed. Sigh. Our groomer moved so Mom is back at it. We don’t look as spiffy as we looked when our groomer trimmed us, but then again we don’t… Continue reading

Doogie’s adventure

Yesterday Mom took Doogie to work with her. I was sooooooooo jealous. I thought he would have a fabulous time and have stories to tell me. Well, not my Eeyore brother. Mom said… Continue reading

What a difference a year makes!

A year ago on June 1, Mom and Dad took Dugan to the Vet for surgery on his pulled left ACL. Halfway back home, the surgeon called Mom and told her while waiting… Continue reading

She has scissors in her hand….

Our groomer – Jenni who we love – has moved so Mom has to go back to grooming us. When Mom took us to Jenni every three months, Jenni always told Mom that… Continue reading

Pointy hats AGAIN!

Gosh, in January we had to wear the pointy hats for Dugan’s birthday and here we are again with them on for my birthday on April 16! I turned 11. Mom and Dad… Continue reading

Wardrobe addition

So Mom counted the number of collars we have (I think it is 9 each!!) and said…NOPE, no more collars. But then the lady who makes our wonderful collars – Carol who owns… Continue reading

So not fair Mom!!

Mom got us these cute after bath bathrobes. She wanted to get mine in pink but they were sold out so Doogie and I both have mint green robes. They fit really nice… Continue reading

A decade

I had to ask Mom what a decade meant and she said 10 years. That’s how old Dugan is today. Yep, I’ve been putting up with my silly brother (from another mother) for… Continue reading

At least cheese was involved!

Mom took a lot of Christmas pictures of us this year. She also made three cards! The “official” card is the one with us on the sleigh pulled by a white reindeer. She… Continue reading

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