I was telling Dad how cute Mom thinks that picture of Dugan is – the one of him in his basket on the way home his first day.  He reminded me that right before that Mom was holding him on her lap in the front seat when he got car sick all over Dad’s arm and on the lid of Dad’s coke which was sitting in the center console cup holder.  Not so cute then was he.  I didn’t throw up on my way home.  Way to go Doogie… great first impression!  Here he is looking really angelic in his crate on the first night home before he started howling and squeaking and keeping us all awake.  Mom and Dad put his crate in MY room but I made sure he didn’t stay long (I barked and barked and barked), so they moved his crate into the dining room for a couple weeks until I finally gave in.  Really, a girl needs her privacy.

We had to teach Dugan to walk on a leash. He was so silly…Mom would walk with me behind Dad and Dugan would keep turning around looking for us.  So now Mom has this really cool tandem leash and we can walk side by side.  He always walks on the left side of me.   I showed him how to keep up the pace and I make sure he sits when Mom asks us to before we cross the street.  When we go to Saturday market we leave the tandem leash home.  Dad takes Dugan and Mom takes me and they make us heel so people can see how well-behaved we are. We don’t get to free walk at the market.

We do a lot of things together now.  It took me a long time to understand that Dugan was going to live with us permanently. So what the heck…I’ve got someone to play with and get in trouble with and most of all…to tease. Mom and Dad also make sure we have special one-on-one time and special treats and rubbies. Mom and Dad think it’s so cute how we lay the same way – if one of us is on our side the other is too, even if we are laying in separate rooms.  I don’t like Dugan to touch me when we are laying down so I try to give him space.

Mom and Dad’s friends from Florida (they have FOUR dogs) visited last year in September and brought us some really great toys…a flamingo and a frog.  The flamingo is really fun to play tug with but Dugan chewed a hole in it and so Mom had to take it away.  She sewed it up but when she gave it back to us, Dugan was afraid of the squeaky noise it made. So she took it away again.  I don’t understand…it squeaked before he chewed a hole in it. Such a silly dog!     Woof!