A New Adventure

Molly camera-2Molly camera-3Well, not for me but for my Mom.  You already know she takes lots of picture of us and she really loves dogs (and cats too, although I don’t think I would like one…Dugan might, but I digress.)…..sooooooooo she has decided to start a pet photography business.  I helped her come up with the name…I think it’s pretty cute…she is calling it “NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography“.   She designed a logo thingy and put together a website like she did for my website blog.  I tried to get her to use a picture of Dugan and me on the logo thingy but she said she wanted a dog and a cat on it.  I think the logo thingy looks pretty good but it would have looked much better with my picture on it.  I told Mom it would be OK if she included a slide show of some of the dog and cat pictures she has taken. Oh…and I said she could add her website address as long as the next post is more about ME (OK and about Dugan…sigh) and not so much about her (so just click on the name of her website up above…after you watch the slide show!).   Woof!!!


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