The Wheatie-Sitting Handbook

I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing!  Mom and Dad are going to be away for two weeks so Mom wrote a handbook for Julie our wheatie-sitter and of course she asked me to help edit it to make sure she got everything right.  We aren’t very happy about our parents leaving for so long but Mom has a business meeting and then she and Dad are going on a short vacation.  We really like Julie so it should be OK.  Mom told me she already knows she will go over her texting limit checking with Julie several times a day to make sure we are behaving.

The handbook gives Julie all the information she needs about us including how I will eat the chicken out of my food and leave the rest of the food if it’s not all mixed together.  How Dugan will race to my dish and eat MY food if I step away for even a second.   He is such a chow-hound!  Although I have been known to wander over to his dish and finish the duck and potato dog food if he leaves anything. We have to eat separately so we don’t get in trouble.  The handbook also reminds Julie to give us each a carrot after we eat and a cookie when we go into our crates. We love carrots!

There are also rules in the handbook about playing…like not jumping on the couches in the family room, especially now that Dad bought new deep red leather couches.  We are only allowed up if invited.  I’m hoping Julie invites us up a lot!  We can go out on the covered patio and play even when it’s raining so that’s a good thing.  There are also instructions about brushing us.  Our hair (yes, we have hair not fur so we don’t shed) is silky and with all the playing we do we get lots of knots.  Mom brushes us every two days so now Julie will have to do that. I don’t envy her…we are not good when it comes to brushing. We try, but we just aren’t good.  Sigh.

Mom and Dad aren’t sure how they will stand being away from us for two weeks. Although Dad is looking forward to sleeping past 6:30 a.m. – we’re early risers.  We aren’t sure how we’re going to make it through two weeks without them!  We’ll miss all the rubbies and love them give us and kissing their noses and snuggling and playing pull toy with them – and basically driving them pretty crazy.  We hope they miss us too! We know Julie will take really good care of us.  So check back in a couple of weeks to find out how we did – and whether Julie survived our antics.  Cross your fingers for us…we really are sweetie-wheaties and want to do good.  Woof!