Feelin’ Good!

The sun was out for a awhile this morning and Mom brushed us both and made sure we were really soft and fluffy so we thought we were going somewhere wonderful.  Nope.  Nobody told me but both Dugan and I had to go see our veterinarian, Dr. Chris.  I’m going to be two on April 16 so I had to have my wellness check up and Dugan had to have some vaccinations.  I’m OK with going to see Dr. Chris but after today I’m re-thinking that.  He checked me on both ends….and it wasn’t  fun.  He looked at my teeth and told Mom and Dad that they would need to be cleaned next year.  Mom is going to brush them for us…that should be interesting!  Dr. Chris is really nice  and takes really good care of us.  I had to have some blood taken and pee in a cup. Dr. Chris is pretty sure my blood tests will come back just fine.  He pronounced me and Dugan healthy.

Dugan sure didn’t like going there.  The really nice nurse came to get him to clip his nails and weigh him…and of course he embarrassed me again.  He sat down and she had to drag him out of the room.  Really!!   Oh and while we were waiting for Dr. Chris, he had Mom take a picture of him next to the “Dog Fancy” magazine and told her that HE should be on the cover and not that stinkin’ Corgi.  He is a bit full of himself.   Boys.

We’re excited because tomorrow is the first day of the Saturday market here.  It starts the first weekend in April and goes all the way to the end of October.  That’s a lot of Saturdays which means we get to go every Saturday. Mom will brush us again and put on our Saturday market scarves…mine is pink with sweet little bones on it and Dugan’s is green with four-leaf clovers.  We love the Saturday market.  Woof!